Space and Capital Resources

The Office of Space and Capital Resources (SCR) supports Berkeley’s capital investment program and manages the campus’s facility inventory, to optimize the use of both capital resources and physical space, and performs comprehensive analyses of the costs of the campus’s facilities and administrative infrastructure in order to help inform its capital financing strategy and recover appropriate costs from sponsored projects. 

Capital investment strategy

SCR supports the review and approval of new capital investments as staff to the campus Capital Projects Committee (CPC). It prepares yearly updates to the UC Berkeley ten year capital plan, as well as individual case analyses for each major capital project, in collaboration with the project sponsors. CPC approval depends not only on the merits of the project, but also on its financial viability: the ten year capital plan, based on a projection of future capital resources, provides the context for this assessment.  Most major new capital investments also require Presidential or Regental approval. SCR acts as the campus liaison with the Office of the President to secure approvals for these projects. In addition SCR serves as the campus office of review for projects (generally under $5 million) approved directly by the Chancellor. SCR also serves on program committees for new capital projects, to ensure the design serves the long term interest of the campus as well as the needs of its initial users

Space management

SCR manages the campus facilities database, which includes building plans and space inventory, conducts analyses of existing space to improve utilization and accommodate new or changed program needs, and works with campus programs and the Space Assignment and Capital Improvements Committee (SACI) to resolve competing needs.

Financial analysis

Berkeley receives about a half-billion dollars in cost-reimbursed contract and grant funding each year from the federal government and other sources, primarily for faculty-directed research. SCR analyses the infrastructure costs of this work reimbursed through the campus’s Facilities and Administrative, or indirect cost, rate applied to sponsored projects. This rate is largely based on the level of investment in capital facilities, campus facilities financing strategy, and current use of campus space. SCR, working with other campus units, performs a variety of other costing analyses and is responsible for rate negotiations with the federal government. 

Law School Spring Clean Up

"In my 20+ years at Berkeley, this was one of the best initiatives I have ever seen. I was extremely pleased with what I and my team were able to accomplish."

This was one of the many comments received by Space and Capital Resources during the recent Law School Complex clean up.


UC Berkeley's FacilitiesLink space management tool is no longer active.  SCR is in the process of implementing a replacement tool.  In the meantime, campus floor plans and basic space data are being housed on Berkeley's Box service –  please email to request access to this data.